Posted On July 3rd, 2014

Though we are all about personalization and customization,  we realize that some folks just want to make it fast and easy.  We have just launched our first in a series of "standard" countdowns. A 60-day Countdown to Baby is now available and reasonably priced, at just $12.95, and has 61 (due date makes 61) funny and thoughtful sentiments as you countdown to the due date.  The standard countdowns, unlike our fully customized countdown calendars, do not countdown to an actual calendar date. We do, however, leave a space available for you to fill in the due date.

Since the inspiration for Creative Countdown was a gift Joanie and Melissa put together as we awaited the birth of our child 12 states away, its fitting that Countdown to Baby Adoption is coming within the week.  I know so well how stressful the process of adoption can be, so I authored many entries to add some humor to the situation. I call them 'adoption bonuses' ( favorite Adoption Bonus: no baby weight to work off!") This calendar is also a 60-day countdown.  Many couples don't get 60 days notice when adopting, but we figured that the couple (or gift giver) can just tear off pages to the appropriate due date or induction date.
Countdown to Wedding, and Countdown to Retirement will be launched within the month.  We have an entire lineup in the works. We'd love your suggestions to add to our queue.   Let us know what big event you are looking forward to!  We'd love to hear from you.