Personalized Flip Stand Countdown

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Personalized Flip Stand Countdown

You'll find designs for back to school, graduation, anniversary, wedding or baby shower, Christmas, and many more. You'll also find designs that you can use to count down to just about anything!

We provide hundreds of quick-fill entries. Edit them or create your own, because the more you customize your Creative Countdown, the more special it becomes.

You can countdown days or weeks and have the ability to add pages to your order.

Product Details


  • Count down 30-70 days or weeks (please see our custom tear-off option for longer countdowns)
  • Calendar page dimensions 5" x 6"
  • Stand Dimensions 6“ x 6.5”

Customization Options

Each page can include:
  • Coundown number
  • Event date
  • Event title
  • Today's date (optional)
  • Converts into desktop photo album
  • Personalized message (optional)

Converts into Photo Album

After the event convert your stand into a photo album. (+$2.99)
  • 10 photo sleeves
  • Photo sleeves hold 4X6 photos

Personalized Options

Check out all of the possibilities

  • Customize a message on every page

    In a hurry, we have quick-fill suggested messages.

  • You can countdown by days or weeks. You can also...

  • ...choose non-consecutive dates.

    You pick'em! Want weekdays only or every third Tuesday? This is the option for you.

  • You don't have to date your pages.

    Reuse for annual events!

  • Create your own goal.

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If you would like a custom design or a logo included, see our corporate page for more information or contact us directly.