Posted On September 5th, 2014

Heading down to Jacksonville on the 28th.  Its a casual little family vacation to visit family and some friends in the Jacksonville area. We're planning to throw a couple days of Disney into the trip mid-week.  I've put together a countdown to get Keenan excited about the trip and let him know what to expect. He's just turned two and doesn't recognize his letters yet, but he can count to 13 (eleventeen comes next when we play hide and seek) and has a good sense of time. (At least he never seems to forget things we've told him we'll be doing on the weekends.) 

Here are my favorite entries:

January 20th:  8 days left. Keenan, you and Mommy will watch movies and have popcorn in the backseat while Daddy drives.  Pick out you favorite five movies that you'd like to bring.

January 26th: two days left. Keenan, it will be warm in Jacksonville. Lets get together your sand toys and put the beach bag in the back of Daddy's truck. 

January 27th: 1 day left.  Keenan, tomorrow we will be staying in a hotel with a pool! Plan to go swimming as soon as we arrive. 

Due to his age, I opted to do a two week countdown.  Get much further out than that, and I might as well be telling him he gets to drive when he's sixteen.  (Reminder that he can only count to 13.  16 might come after eleventeen in his mind.  There's no telling.)

My son has his own suitcase, which he loves to pack.  I take great joy watching his choices of what he needs to bring when we travel, which I why my major theme is centered around packing what he wants to bring.  I can't wait to see how he prepares for this trip. 

Attached is the design I chose for my printed countdown....