Posted On September 5th, 2014

Why is it that the mornings I am able to sleep in, I just can’t? I am lying in a hotel room in my OWN bed. My husband and son are soundly asleep in the bed beside me.    We set it up this way so I would get the chance to sleep a little later this morning (tomorrow it will be his turn). the room is pitch black and silent, perfect for sleeping. We have a wonderful room   Walt Disney World's Beach Club Resort.  I’m comfortable.  (check out some photos of this beautiful resort)
I stirred briefly at around 5am. I had a faint flash through my brain that Keenan, my 2 year old, is having lunch with Mickey, Goofy, Daisy and Donald today at the Tusker House.   He is going to be so happy and excited.  (Which clearly makes Mommy happy and excited)  This kid loves characters, and these are his favorite.  I imagined him asking Goofy to sing the ‘hot dog’ song for him.  That brief flash woke me completely.

So I lay here in complete darkness in this comfortable bed, willing myself to sleep another hour, and instead…. I’m savoring the suspense of my son seeing Mickey Mouse AT LUNCH!

I wish I was savoring the moment by sleeping.