Posted On September 5th, 2014

Super bowl Sunday, Father’s day, Fourth of July—now those are good <i>guy </i>holidays. But my husband Chris tells me Valentine’s Day is a bit of a mine field.  Not that he doesn’t love me (very much, I might add), he’s just not sure how to show it on a day when the pressure is on.

With that in mind, this one is for all you guys— A 14 day email countdown for Valentine’s day from Creative Countdown.It’s everything women like: personal, thoughtful, from the heart. ♥

(I know, because I designed it myself.)  And since the recipient can’t look ahead, there’s an element of suspense.   We call that fun potential.  Most importantly, your sweetie will know you’re thinking about her—every day for 30 days.

That gentlemen, is priceless.  

These email countdowns are easy to build.  There are some fun Valentine’s suggestions  or you can create your own.

And if you’re counting down to something big (a special date or a diamond. even), we’re here to help you pull a very special countdown together.

What a deal since 30 day email countdowns are only $1.59.  That’s 30 I LOVE YOUs for the price of a convenience store candy bar, which shows you were NOT thinking about her at all, BTW.

30 cute, sweet, memorable emails on the other hand—All we really WANT is to know .... we’re in your thoughts and hearts.

Anniversaries, birthdays, and long awaited returns are other email countdown opportunities.   Check it out and be a hero.