Posted On September 5th, 2014

We assembled a beautiful printed countdown this evening. It was built by a woman who's been away from home on an extended trip. She built and is sending this countdown to her love as a way to help them both count down the days until she returns home to him.

Sounded so romantic....  and so.... Nicolas Sparks.  It sounded beautiful but so unlike real life.  At least my life.

Maybe that's because real life is not long distances.... There's no missing my love. He's sitting right next to me on the sofa playing on his iPad while watching The Mentalist with me. We've been sitting here together ever since I put the boy to bed (he's nearly three and was a complete Tasmanian Devil tonight.).  I don't think we've spoken tonight without referring to ourselves in the third person for the boy... As in "Keenan, you want to tell Mommy what you and Daddy did while you were playing upstairs?"  I don't think we have the energy left to talk, let alone.... Well, you know.... The thing you can't do when there's a two year old lightly snoring in the middle of the king bed. (He peed in his bed last night and i forgot to throw the sheets in to dry).

As I look across to him on the couch I know that there's no way I'd be able to leave him for an extended period (and the boy?  Forget it!).  I realized that if I had to be away, I'd be pining to come home and yes, a countdown would be in order..... A sappy, romantic countdown to help us get through it.

I'm cheering for you friend who is counting down the days until you get home. Don't forget how terribly you missed him when, months from now, you are sitting on the couch together watching one of your favorite shows.