Posted On July 14th, 2015

We created this countdown product for a friend. Her five year old was particularly anxious about the first day of kindergarten.   
She and I were just chatting on one of our late evening walks when she started telling me about his anxiety and her efforts to get him excited for the first day of school. 
I asked if a countdown would help.   She loved it and we started bouncing ideas about it immediately.  It's a good thing that I carry my iPhone on walks.... We created this entire product, including all the entries, using voice texting in Notes.  We may have even gotten an extra mile in, to boot!  
The countdown is a short one - just 26 days - the perfect duration for little ones' attention span - and conveniently it allowed us to use each letter of the alphabet as the inspiration for each daily entry.   
We recommend this product for grades K-2.  
We hope your little one enjoys it!