Posted On July 24th, 2015

When we first launched Creative Countdown, we were fully focused on fun.  We were looking to help our customers Savor the Suspense® of life's biggest events.  We were thinking Countdown to Wedding... Countdown to Baby... Countdown to Vacation... the fun things people look forward to.  The serious and anxious end of anticipation hadn't even crossed our collective minds.  

Countdown through Cancer Treatment is a very popular seller for us.  We love seeing these countdowns and the unique ways our customers use our site to personalize their motivational gift.
Some customers build these for themselves and for their family as a way to "get us through this nightmare." One who built for herself opted to use the motivational quotes we have available as suggested entries for Countdown to Graduation.  
Other customers build these as a gift to a friend.  These countdowns run the gamut from sappy to just plain hilarious.  My personal favorite was a cancer countdown that had an entire network of friends and family involved, each 'taking a day' to leave a personal note to the patient... SURVIVOR.

Regardless of what YOU are counting down to, whether its fun or something serious, a countdown calendar can allow you to have a little more joy as you count down the days.

We hope you enjoy!!!!