Posted On March 19th, 2016

UNLV and Las Vegas will take center stage during the 2016 election season. They're hosting the final Presidential Debate on October 19th. Their Office of Student Affairs reached out. They were actively looking for a way to get the students excited about it.  They found us! We were delighted to help them Savor the Suspense as they count down to this great honor for their school.
It got me thinking about these elections. I can't wait to get beyond them and will certainly be counting down until we're through it. Don't misunderstand. I'm extremely patriotic.There's a flag in front of my house and I've always exercised my right to vote. I can't wait until we're through it because it gets nasty and ugly during election seasons. We are blessed to be able to choose our leadership and debate our views and beliefs.  I just don't want to be in a constant debate with friends and family, and certainly don't want to see everyone's opinion each time I open up Facebook to see what friends are up to!
Joanie doesn't know it yet, but I'm about to ask her to create a Countdown to the Election design so I can build my own countdown!!  (and you can then also build yours!)  Yep.  Of course I have an opinion on how I'd like the election to turn out. I'm just going to keep it to myself.  :)