Posted On July 31st, 2016

When our customers build a countdown, they have the option of titling their project.  The title appears above the number of days left on every page of the countdown.  Its our newest feature and has been very popular with our returning customers.

Every time we receive an order, we get an email alert which contains the title of the countdown.  The titles usually contain words like "Day we get hitched", "Dick and Jane's Wedding", "Until Our Baby Is Born".  Easy to know what the countdown is about. right?  Now, every countdown (created by our customers) is personalized.  As such, we consider them private and don't peek at the content.  To us, it feels like prying.  We just quickly peruse that all looks print ready and put it in the queue.
Every once and a while we get an alert for a countdown that is so peculiarly named, we have to check it out and see what unique way a customer has chosen to use our product.  Yesterday, we had one of those orders.  The alert came in with "Beating That Bitch" as it's title.
Yes.  I was intrigued.  I had many thoughts pop through my head.  Was this political?  Was this a woman with a vendetta?  Worse yet, a man?  Well, this Bitch was cancer.  Though I only read the first couple of pages, I'd say this customer is a great friend who calls it like it is... and made a great powerful and motivational gift to help a friend through a difficult time.  
We hope this countdown can bring a little levity through this tough period and truly motivate to beat this bitch!  Our thoughts will be with the both of you.