Posted On January 13th, 2017

We're seven days out from a Disney Cruise!  We could not be more excited!  We surprised our boy with a Creative Countdown under the tree.  The first page was 26 Days Left and our personalized entry read "Keenan, Merry Christmas and Surprise!  We're going on a Disney Cruise!"  Needless to say, he nearly jumped out of his skin with joy.
We filled in all our daily entries with all the fun adventures we'll have on our vacation.  This isn't my son's first Disney Cruise (in fact, it'll be his third.)  The entries serve as a great reminder of all the fun entertainment he's forgotten about on these ships.  He's six... 2 years ago is a third of his lifetime.  He'd forgotten they have basketball courts on deck and that Castaway Cay has a great water slide.
The first thing out of his mouth each day when he wakes is 'let's see how many days we have left!'.  (at least he's not asking!)  He runs downstairs to tear the page of the day.  I love how this product really works to extend the joy of our trip.... and all those wonderful events that our customers are counting down to.